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Tampere Biennale Attracted New Audiences

The Tampere Biennale has been held every other spring since 1986, and this year’s festival was thus the 20th. The next edition of the festival will be held on 15–19 April 2026, with composer Minna Leinonen staying on as Artistic Director.

Kapellimestari Eva Ollikainen nojaavassa asennossa

Tampere Biennale begins on Wednesday

The Tampere Biennale festival of modern art music is held from 10 to 14 April 2024 with concerts at Tampere Hall, in churches, at museums and in clubs around the city centre. The event also has a presence in the heritage landscape around Tammerkoski rapids in the form of urban art and a sound story.


Tampere Biennale dives into mindscapes

The programme of the Tampere Biennale has been published. The festival is held in even-numbered years and focuses on Finnish contemporary music. This year’s theme is Mindscapes. The programme features the human voice in its many manifestations: there are serious statements and tragic tales but also playfulness and joie de vivre.


Tampere Biennale Listens to Nature

Tampere Biennale, a festival of Finnish contemporary art music, will once again be organized between 1st and 5th April, 2020. The artistic director of the festival, composer Jennah Vainio, chose the phrase Nature Speaks as the theme for this year’s festival.