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Tampere Biennale 2020 cancelled

We regret to announce that the Tampere Biennale festival scheduled for this spring has been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Following the policy adopted by the City of Tampere, all events organised by the city that involve probable close contact between people are being cancelled up until the end of May. The festival was to have been held from 1 to 5 April 2020, with an advance event on 16 March 2020.

“The Tampere Biennale is currently exploring possibilities for going ahead with some of the concerts without a live audience and broadcasting them via YLE, and for rescheduling some of the concerts for the Ung Nordisk Musik event to be held in Tampere from 24 to 29 August 2020. Some of the concerts will of course have to be completely cancelled. We will publish information on what Tampere Biennale 2.0 will look like as soon as possible,” says Minnakaisa Kuivalainen, Executive Director of Tampere Music Festivals.

The cancellation of the concert of the Tampere Philharmonic at the Tampere Biennale was announced on Friday. Performances of the opera Alma! are being postponed to February next year, with the premiere taking place on 18 February 2021 and the other performances on 19 and 20 February 2021. However, the concert of Linda May Han Oh on 1 April 2020, produced by G Livelab Tampere, is going ahead as far as we know at the moment; further information on this will be provided by G Livelab Tampere and not us.

Customers who have purchased advance tickets to the Tampere Biennale may request a refund through Tiketti. Please visit the Tiketti website to find the refund request form: The deadline for refunds for tickets to events cancelled because of the coronavirus is 31 August.

The next Tampere Biennale will be held from 6 to 10 April 2022. Jennah Vainio will continue as the Artistic Director of the festival.

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