Nature Speaks

Foreword to Tampere Biennale 2020

Jennah Vainio
Artistic Director, Biennale 2020

Listen to Nature

The central theme for the Tampere Biennale in 2020 is ‘nature’, a topic that has inspired artists throughout millennia.

Today, we constantly hear about extremely worrisome news of climate change induced natural disasters and the decline of the earth’s biodiversity. At the same time, living in urban environments, we seem to have become in many ways detached from nature, and thus unable to really observe these signs of the times. Is it possible to save the world with art and music? Probably not. However, through the means of art we can awaken and inform the decision makers as well as our fellow citizens to think about these questions.

The Tampere Biennale programme includes a wide variety of topics focusing on nature. Furthermore, the programme presents multiple world premieres of Finnish art works and compositions, with the added intent to include a diversity of artists in terms of age and gender. Additionally, in order to minimize the ecological footprint of the festival, a special emphasis has been placed on Finnish talent – regarding both the composers and the performing artists – with a guiding principle of “locally produced” music.

Focused on contemporary music, concerts by the chamber orchestras TampereRaw and Uusinta Ensemble provide a multifaceted view to some of the most recent works from Finnish composers. Kamus, who were awarded the prestigious Emma award, will bring to the event their own, fascinating programme, and the Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra will perform the world premiere of Sanna Ahvenjärvi’s and Tapio Lappalainen’s composition Water. Some of Tampere Biennale’s own commissioned pieces include Pasi Lyytikäinen’s Taival, Maria Kallionpää’s Septetto, and Heidi Hassinen’s composition at the Frenckell clock tower, which is also the theme music of the festival. At the festival clubs, the audiences will be treated to grooving electronic beats, combined with nature sounds and acoustic instrumentation.

In conjunction with the concerts, the festival audiences have an opportunity to support the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation’s campaign titled “Protect a piece of Pirkanmaa”.

Welcome to enjoy the events!


Protect a piece of Pirkanmaa

Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation at Tampere Biennale 2020

Stairway of inspiration: nature, art, and action
18th March at 4–4:45 PM ǀ Metso library music section

Can art protect the environment? How does an artist inspire the observer to act? This panel discussion will include writer Anni Kytömäki, composer Lauri Supponen, and the director of the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation, Anneli Jussila.

Protect a piece of Pirkanmaa -info stand
3rd April at 6–9:30 PM ǀ Tampere Hall, lobby

In 2014, the Pirkanmaa Ornithological Society (PiLY) and the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation launched a campaign to protect the forest and swamp areas in the northern and south-western Pirkanmaa region. The aim of the campaign is to identify and establish areas that need protection and collect funds to protect these areas by purchasing them. From the info stand, you can get more information about this campaign and the ways with which you can participate and contribute.

Charity box and postcards
1.–5.4. Tampere Biennale concerts

You can participate in the Protect a piece of Pirkanmaa campaign by the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation when attending the concerts. At the door ticket sales point you will find both a charity box and the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation’s postcards.


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