Pia Komsi lähikuvassa, sivuprofiili.
Tampere Filmharmonia

Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra

From Wasteland to Wonderland

Olari Elts – conductor, Piia Komsi – soprano

The charming concert offers a full range of the newest releases, without forgetting the modern classics of contemporary music. Kalevi Aho’s narrative fantasy resounds in the melodies of bad omens and despair. Cecilia Damström’s orchestral bomb reveals the stark truth behind the orgy of single-use consumption. The premiere of Eetu Lehtonen’s work brings one’s thoughts back to the ancient hymn that the villagers sung after the destructive Aberfan landslide. The song cycle based on Korean-born Unsuk Chin’s opera expands the musical universe with its bewitching powers, surrealist humour, and intriguing use of the orchestra. The soprano Piia Komsi’s exceptional virtuosity and ability to portray emotions lead one out of the rabbit hole into an unexpected wonderland.

Mustavalkoinen kuvakollaasi, jossa vasemmassa kuvassa Olari Elts ja hänen heijastuksensa märästä peilistä. Oikeassa kuvassa Pia Komsi poseraamassa kokovartalokuvassa.
Olari Elts and Piia Komsi

The duration of the concert is around 90 minutes. Childcare service is open during the concert.

PHOTOS: Katrin Viil, Ville Paul Paasimaa


Kalevi Aho (*1949): Syvien vesien juhla (1995)
Cecilia Damström (*1988): Wasteland (first performance in Finland, commissioned by Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra) (2022)
The work contains quotations from the following works: Jo joutui armas aika, Maa on niin kaunis, osa katolista messua, Bizet: Carmen, Mozart: Taikahuilu ja Rondo Alla Turca, Beethoven: Für Elise, Bach: Toccata d-molli, Maija Vilkkumaa: Ei, Aleksandrov: Neuvostoliiton hymni ja Smetana: Moldau.

– väliaika –

Eetu Lehtonen (*1989): Hymn (first performance) (2023)
Unsuk Chin (*1961): Puzzles and Games from Alice in Wonderland (2017)

Production: Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra


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