Marko Ylönen & Friends

Inner Voices

Marko Ylönen – cello, Tuulia Ylönen – clarinet, Jari Valo – violin, Henri Sigfridsson – piano

An exceptional lineup of Finland’s leading musicians devote themselves to the classics of contemporary music as well as fresh works with sensitivity, depth and impressive virtuosity. Marko Ylönen, praised for his stirring interpretation of Pehr Henrik Nordgren’s music, brings to the concert the quartet of the composer, whose anniversary is this year. Aulis Sallinen’s early work owes its inspiration to Vladimir Nabokov’s novel The Real Life of Sebastian Knight, and Outi Tarkiainen’s piano solo reflects the power of the tenderness which upholds humankind. The concert’s bold contrasts between dark colours and sparkling timbres and bewitching melodies raise the scale of musical expression to something greater than the sum of its parts.

Marko Ylönen iloisena Sellon kanssa. Tumma tausta.
Marko Ylönen

The duration of the concert is around 90 minutes.

PHOTOS: Juha Puhakka


Aulis Sallinen (*1935): Elegia Sebastian Knightille (1964)
Ilari Kaila (*1978): Hum and Drum (2017)
Lara Poe (FI/US) (*1993): Figment II (2019)
Pehr Henrik Nordgren (1944-2008): Quartet for clarinet, violin, cello and piano (2003)

– intermission –

Outi Tarkiainen (*1985): Tenderness (2022)
Mikel Urquiza (ES) (*1988): Blond venitien (2022) (first performance in Finland)
Luke Bedford (US) (*1978): In black bright Ink (2016)
Mioko Yokoyama (FI/JP) (*1989): Kinesis (2019)


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