Kaksikymmentäneljä henkinen Key Ensemble seisomassa asetelmassa kirkon alttarin edessä.

Key Ensemble

Breathing for Peace

Jutta Seppinen – conductor, Linnéa Sundfær Casserly – soprano

The Tampere Cathedral breathes for peace as the voices of the stunning Key Ensemble resound in the space. The gripping programme features touching choral music from Finland, Norway, the United States, Iceland and Ukraine. The concert, which includes three world premieres, begins and ends in light.

The duration of the concert is around 60 minutes.

Key Ensemble

Established in 2005, Key Ensemble is one of the few professional choirs in Finland. Hailing from Turku, the chamber choir has a central role in performing vocal music in its local region, but it has established itself as an important performer in the entire Finnish choral scene.

Key Ensemble is well-known for its full and dynamic sound. The choir’s repertoire is a diverse and creative combination of everything from Renaissance pieces to modern vocal works. Depending on the programme, the ensemble varies from small vocal groups to a full chamber choir.

Jutta Seppinen

Seppinen’s debut as a conductor was with Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra. Since then, she has conducted most of the orchestras in Finland.

Seppinen also has a long work history as a choir conductor. She is well known for her open-minded approach to planning concert programmes. Often, the traditional concert concept is shaken and taken into a new direction.

Seppinen is an accomplished mezzo-soprano who is specialised in performing modern classical music. She is interested in electroacoustic and experimental vocal art that can be combined with her work as a conductor.

PHOTO: Tuomas Tenkanen

Key Ensemble

Sopranos: Terhi LehtovaaraLinnéa Sundfær CasserlyMaria SirenLaura RenvallHanna LammiKatja VepsäläinenMea Kalm,
Altos: Katariina KauniskangasKristina RaudanenInari TilliAnni SusiSäde BartlingKaisa Karjalainen
Tenors: Teemu MustonenMats LillhannusKaarlo JuurusAndreas NordströmJan-Erik LindLauri Mäntysaari,
Basses: Janne MerisaariAntti SaariKristoffer MalmSampsa HeiniöTommi SaalasMikko Kuivalainen


Lotta Wennäkoski (*1970): Valossa (2014) – text: Saila Susiluoto
Lauri Mäntysaari (*1982): Yöllä (2010) – text: Sanna Karlström
Jaime Belmonte (FI/ES) (*1988): Hengitetään (first performance of live version) (2021)
Heinz-Juhani Hofmann (*1973): Westerberg-laulut, osa 1 (2006) – text: Caj Westerberg
Hugi Guðmundsson (IS) (*1977): Ice Age (2012) – text: Sigurbjörg Þrastardóttir (English translation by Bernard Scudder)
Aslıhan Sarikoski (FI/TR) (*1994): Über meinen wilden Sinn (first performance, commissioned by Key Ensemble) (2024)
Eira Huse (NO): Witness (first performance) (2024)
Adrian Mocanu (UA) (*1989): Fragments de l´aube (first performance in Finland) (2015)
Shara Nova (US) (*1974): How do I keep on feelin´ in this Mean, Mean World  (2022)
Mikko Heiniö (*1948): Luceat (1992)


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