Viisi henkinen defunensemble esiintymässä lavalla.
Viisi henkinen defunensemble esiintymässä lavalla.  Kuvan keskiössä kitaristi


About Love and Life

Emil Holmström – piano, Markus Hohti – cello, Hanna Kinnunen – flute, Mikko Raasakka – clarinet, Timo Kurkikangas – electronics, live sound, multimedia

This performance, sweeping one into the whirls of emotion and the core of consciousness, must be experienced first-hand! The unprejudiced, experimental defunensemble goes straight towards lively challenges, as they perform Francesco Filidei’s striking work for toilet paper, changing forever the image of what music can be. In Matti Heininen’s new work, the dusk can be heard dancing, and Anna Meredith’s composition envelops the listener in a gentle embrace. Tjøgersen’s we should get to know each other surprises with its ingeniousness, Asta Hyvärinen creates the zeitgeist of overstimulation. Detached from the larger whole, Walter Sallinen’s hypnotic self-portrait quickly takes us into transcendental sound iterations. Perttu Haapanen’s ja (and) portrays the conflicts of the political reality which remains between the ideologies of a handful of the politicians in power and the future of today’s children.

Viisi henkinen defunensemble esiintymässä lavalla. Taustalla vihreää valoa ja visuaalisia tehosteita.

PHOTOS: Alexander Banck-Petersen, Ville Mattila


Francesco Filidei (IT) (*1973): Love story (first performance in Finland) (2020)
Matti Heininen (*1984): Hämärän tanssi (first performance) (2024)
Anna Meredith (*1978): Honeyed Words (2016)
Kristine Tjøgersen (NO) (*1982): we should get to know each other (first performance in Finland) (2016)
Asta Hyvärinen (*1963): Wired (2020)
Walter Sallinen (*1991): Schizophonic Self-Portrait (2022)
Perttu Haapanen (*1972): ja (2019)


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