Tampere Biennale Family Day


Kirmo Lintinen – composition, Arja Puikkonen – text, Tampering Ensemble – accompaniment, Mikko Laine – narrator

Nature-themed workshop
at 10-12, 13-15  ǀ Culture House Laikku ǀ free entry

If we imagine that the forest is a great symphony, what would the footsteps of a bear sound like, and what would be the sound made by a blueberry ripening? What would be the colour and shape of that sound if it were turned into a painting? At this workshop at Rulla, we will all create a ‘Forest symphony’. A symphony always has an entire orchestra playing, and so we will all do this together.

Music story Haapaneitty, Mettäntyttö (in Finnish)
At 12.00-12.30, 14.00-14.30 ǀ Culture House Laikku ǀ Free entry, advance registration

Composition Kirmo Lintinen, text Arja Puikkonen, narrator Mikko Laine
Tampering Ensemble: Jenni Halonen – flute, Heikki Pöyhönen – oboe, Lotta Laaksonen – violin, Sanni Määttä– violin, Anni Tiainen-Hammo – viola, Taina Raittila – cello, Minna Rauhamaa – double bass

Kirmo Lintinen’s and Arja Puikkonen’s music story Haapaneitty, Mettäntyttö takes the audiences on a journey to exciting troll forests where everything is possible. Language: Finnish

Advance registration by e-mail:

PHOTO: Kustaa Saksi (music story Haapaneitty, mettäntyttö)


In collaboration: Childrens’s Culture Centre Rulla, Tampere Biennale

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