• 18 March | 16.00
  • Start: Metso library, music section
  • Free entry

Panel: Anni Kytömäki –  author, Lauri Supponen –  composer, Anneli Jussila –  Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation | Pirkanmaa Music Institute students | A new composition for the Frenckell bells | Laikku’s oracle | Sami Junnonen & Tuomas Turriago


The pre-event has been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Read more about the cancellation of the festival.

Stairway of inspiration: nature, art, and action
at 4–4:45 PM ǀ Metso library, music section

Can art protect the environment? How does an artist inspire the observer to act? This panel discussion will include writer Anni Kytömäki, composer Lauri Supponen, and the director of the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation, Anneli Jussila.

Compositions by the Pirkanmaa music conservatory students
At 5 PM – 5:20 PM ǀ Metso library, music section

Heidi Hassinen: A new composition for the Frenckell bells
(commissioned by the Tampere Biennale)
At 6 PM ǀ Frenckell plaza

The composition, commissioned by the Tampere Biennale, will be performed at the Frenckell clock tower on every hour throughout the duration of the festival.

Pre-listening and premiere performance is held in conjunction with the pre-festival event.

Petri Kuljuntausta: Laikku’s Oracle
Library park, Culture House Laikku’s yard tree [Kulttuuritalo Laikku]

A tree is never quiet. It makes sounds when the wind blows, when the earth shakes, when water moves within its veins, or when birds gather to sit on its branches. What the tree tells, depends on the listener.

Ville Aalto: Avian Electronics | Electronic bird songs (2020)
Library park, Culture House Laikku’s yard

Voltage-controlled birds sing in the park, synthetic natural sounds and electronic signals merge. What is real, what is natural, what is artificial?

Sami Junnonen (flute) & Tuomas Turriago (piano)
At 7 PM ǀ Tampere Old Church

Roope Mäenpää (*1990): Sonaatti huilulle ja pianolle (2020) (first performance)
Cecilia Damström (*1988): Epitaph op. 58 (2018)
Eetu Lehtonen (*1989): Pinta (2020) (first performance)
Aki Yli-Salomäki (*1972): Kuultava (2014)
Seppo Pohjola (*1965): Solo I (2018) (first performance)
Esa Pietilä (*1964): Zefyros – sonaatti huilulle ja pianolle (2020) (first performance)

Premieres of Finnish compositions, played with a 24-carat gold flute.