Nieminen & Litmanen

Sami Nieminen – organ Juha Litmanen – drums

Conscious of tradition, this duo have always been about treading their own path and following only their own musical preferences, which include a wide range of styles from blues to rock, from reggae to afro, from soul to funk, from schlager to pop, from rockabilly to punk and from jazz to bossa nova.

Established as a ‘sideshow’ for The Hypnomen in 2001, the band soon took on a life of its own, with original material and recordings. Popular for dancing, the duo have had hundreds of gigs to date, mainly in Finland but also in Sweden, Russia, France, Germany and the USA.

Although there are only two people performing, the band does not sound small. The rich sound of the Hammond organ, with two manuals and pedals, combined with drums produces what sounds like a much larger group. In live performances in particular, performing as a duo allows plenty of scope for improvisation and other unexpected solutions.

Photo: Pasi Rytkönen