Composition Minna Leinonen | Libretto Hanna Weselius  based on the novel ALMA! |
CHANGEnsemble | conductor Jutta Seppinen |
Tanssiteatteri MD, Petri Kekoni Company | director & choreography Petri Kekoni |
sound design Jussi Suonikko | costume design Ella Kauppinen | light design Jonne Nieminen, Sari Mayer

Alma! is created by composer Minna Leinonen, choreographer and director Petri Kekoni, and libretto writer Hanna Weselius. It’s “a movement opera” for singers, dancers, and an orchestra. This multidisciplinary art work is the first commissioned work by CHANGEnsemble, lead by Jutta Seppinen.

Intellectual and energetic, the story in Alma! weaves in and out of a multilayered past and present, becoming a narrative that deals with the use of power, and tells the stories of composer Alma Mahler, as well as a Lawyer who is living in the present, and a painter, Aino.

”Why can I not hold the world in my hands like sand or a rock polished by the sea. Oh why, why can I not brush gently with this soft hand this skin, this light, this room, and this world?”

Alma!, current with the times in its themes, presents humans as holistic beings in a world where everyone exists with their own contradictions. At the same time, Alma! tears down and dismantles hierarchical structures, all with a howl.

“You should be composing yourself, goddammit, and not arranging Gustav’s scherzos and allegros!”

Moving between fact and fiction, late romanticism and contemporary music, literature, dance art, and theatre expression, the at times fiercely paced and breathtaking Alma! enchants and also provides room for dreams, different layers of love, as well as beauty. As the underpinning of it all flows an undercurrent of a universal need to be connected to another human being.

“We belong together during moments which are not measures in lifetimes, years, or even weeks, days, nor hours. We belong together during moments that are measured in seconds.”

The concert ends at about 20.30.

PHOTO: Ville Hautakangas


PREMIERE: The premiere of the performance (live stream) is a part of Tampere Biennale’s programme. Tickets to the premiere are sold by

OTHER PERFORMANCES: The stream recording can also be viewed on 23 February – 6 April 2021.

IN CO-OPERATION: Tanssiteatteri MD, Petri Kekoni Company, CHANGEnsemble

Tuuli Lindeberg – soprano, Olga Heikkilä – soprano, narrator, Hanna Kinnunen – flute, Mikko Perkola – viola da gamba, Ville Syrjäläinen – percussion, Fanny Söderström – piano

Tanssiteatteri MD:

Suvi Eloranta – tanssi ja laulu, Anniina Kumpuniemi, Mari Rosendahl, Samuli Roininen – tanssi

Petri Kekoni Company:
Esete Sutinen – tanssi

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